Taylor Jade Collaborations

Merry Christmas, Soldier

A scarred soldier, a sweet soul, and the joy of Christmas.

Christmas - the time of year where love, laughter, and food brings everyone together.

But not for Hunter.

After getting hit with an IED, suffering injuries that killed his military career, he sought solace in the mountains of Montana.

He knew no one wanted to see someone as disfigured as him. With scarring all over the right side of his face, and his right arm and leg gone, he was a terrifying sight to behold.

But not to Elle.

She just saw a man who'd survived the horrors of war. She saw a hero.

She saw a soldier she knew would forever hold her heart from the moment her eyes connected with his.

She believed everyone deserved a Christmas filled with joy, and she was determined to make sure Hunter had the best Christmas he'd had in years . . .

While also giving him every piece of her tender heart to protect.

Happy Halloween, Mechanic

Blurb to come.