Strength & Love

Stay Strong

Cassidy found refuge in college. And though most days were still hard for her to get through, she still found the willpower to push forward . . . somehow.

The moment Alan lays eyes on her, he knows he wants to know who the girl is with the sad eyes.

He wants to help her do more than just breathe . . . he wants her to live again.

**This is a short, clean romance.**
**Triggers: depression, self-harm

Stay Fearless

Growing up, Juniper was always forced to face her fears. So, when her psychology professor gives a lecture on boundaries, which includes not letting people push you to do things you weren't ready to do, of course, Juniper had an issue with it.

Which sparked a debate with another student--William Marshall.

He'll teach her the importance of boundaries, and in turn, she'll show him the amazing things that happen when you force yourself to face your fears.

**This is a short story. It is meant to be a quick read.
**This book has nothing to do with the characters from Stay Strong. It can 100% be read as a standalone.

Stay Kind

A Short, Clean College Romance

Jori knew what it was like to be bullied, so when she caught Vincent being hassled by two other guys, she quickly rushed to help. The moment she laid her eyes on him, she knew she liked him, but problem was, he ran away before she could do anything about it.

But when he popped up behind her in the coffee shop line, she knows she's not letting this opportunity slip away. She's determined to show him that not every person is hateful and cruel.

And maybe fall in love with him along the way.

**This is a short, clean romance. This book deals with bullying. If that's a trigger for you, I advise against reading.