Standalone Books

Destructive Savior

My mate and I destroyed the world once.

And it cost us each other.

Our memories were wiped.

I was turned into a lone wolf, never able to find her.

She was trapped inside of human bodies, torturing them until she destroyed them, only to be placed into another body.

But everything done in the dark will eventually come to the light.

And Jupiter - our God - is ready for change.

The world as we know it is hanging by a thin thread, and if Luna - the mood goddess - has her way, my mate will destroy the world.

But I won't let that happen again; I won't lose my mate again.

This time, I'm going to save her.

And this time, she will be their savior instead of their destroyer.


Losing your oldest brother is hard, especially when he's your rock.

Losing him to violence is even worse.

In her desperation to seek vengeance, Storm throws herself right into the danger that her oldest brother had been trying to protect her from.

Everything isn't as clear cut as she's painted it to be, and now, she's no longer just fighting for vengeance . . . she's fighting for her life.

Saving Anna

They're supposed to live happily ever after... but one miscalculation rips it all to shreds.

Anna is the sweetest woman to ever grace this earth. She's beautiful, funny, smart.
And in love with my little brother.
They're a match made in heaven. I've never seen two people so madly in love.
Whoever believes young love is a passing fantasy has never seen the two of them together.
But on the night Ross is supposed to begin securing their happily ever after, everything goes wrong.
Anna is left reeling. Survivor's guilt is ripping her apart inside. She's barely functioning. Her eyes are cold. Dead.
If I don't act fast, I'm going to lose her.
I can't lose her, too. I'll do anything to keep her breathing.
I just hope I haven't waited too long.

**Please be aware that this book contains sensitive topics such as death of a loved one, survivor's guilt, PTSD, anxiety, and depression.