Red Bones Ranch Duology

All We Left Unsaid

They were once best friends... Now, nothing will ever be the same again.

Unable to bear being stuck in a small town with an overbearing, controlling father, Harlow left the night of her eighteenth birthday.

Ten years later, she gets a phone call that changes everything.

Her father has just passed...and he left her the ranch she couldn't wait to get away from as a teenager.

Harlow has avoided facing the consequences of her decision for as long as she could, but she can't run any longer.

Because Maddox, her childhood best friend, hasn't left. He's the foreman on her father's ranch, and he hates her with every fiber of his being.

They were once thick as thieves until she betrayed him by leaving town without ever telling him.

Will he ever hear her out, or will her decision to leave him ten years ago rip them apart forever?

All We Left Unspoken

Despite us having a five-year-old daughter together, Drew has no idea how much I'm in love with her.

There's not a thing in this world Drew can do to make me turn my back on her.

So, when she calls to tell me she needs a place to stay because she hasn't been able to find another job and she's being evicted from her apartment, I'm there to pick up all of her pieces and help her put herself back together again.

While I'm helping her get set up in a cabin on the ranch, a blizzard comes rolling through.

And we get trapped together.

Will this blizzard and our forced proximity to each other finally bring us together in the way I so desperately want, or will it be what rips us apart in the end?