Love in Autumn Series

Falling For You

After losing her mother to cancer, Meredith packed her most prized belongings and her necessities, loaded up her service dog Max, and took off on a cross-country trip.

And ended up settling in a small town in Tennessee.

Chase - the local sheriff - is head over heels for her the moment their eyes meet.

But Meredith is guarded. After a tragic night changed her life forever, left her with almost crippling anxiety, she doesn't trust easily.

Yet, she can't say no to the sheriff.

But is he enough to protect her when her past comes crashing back into her life - quite literally?

Running To You

Grayson has kept his feelings for his best friend's little sister buried for as long as he could remember.

She was off-limits for him. You just didn't touch your best friend's little sister. It was against the bro code.

But when Farrah is trapped in a barn fire, almost killed, Grayson doesn't care about the bro code anymore.

He'd like to have his best friend's blessing, but he wasn't wasting another minute, especially since someone was set on silencing Farrah forever.

He was making Farrah his, and he didn't care what lines or boundaries he crossed as he did so.

Coffee With You

Kaecee is dying to escape from the pressure of her parent's constant disapproval, constant push for more. She's tired of allowing them to live through her.

So, on a whim shortly after graduation, she takes a job in a small town in Tennessee, packs up her necessities, her cat, and hits the road.

But during her first week in town, her cat runs up a tree. And she has to call the fire department to come get him down.

The hunk of a man who shows up doesn't just save her cat . . . he rescues her heart, too.

And he's not letting her parents force her back home without a fight.

Safe With You

When Amber's husband is sentenced to prison for murder, she files for divorce and then takes off running for the hills.

Freedom . . .
She hasn't tasted it in so long.

But now a single mother living in a small town, she doesn't know what to do without the constant abuse hanging over her head every day.
She got so used to living in fear that getting to live without it made her feel like she was spiraling.

So, when Drake, the deputy sheriff, decides he wants to date her instead of writing her a speeding ticket, he comes as a blessing in disguise.
Especially when her ex is released from prison pending new evidence.

Drake may be the only hope she has left.
Because her ex-husband is headed straight for her.

Healing With You

Charlotte had been staring at her eviction notice when she got a call from an attorney, telling her she'd inherited a house from a great uncle she'd never known.

She jumped at the opportunity, and she didn't even care how run down it was. The house needed a lot of work, but it was paid off, the taxes were paid up, and the only other bill she had to worry about was the light bill. It was a Godsend.

What she hadn't expected to somewhat come with the house was Heeler Jessup. He apparently always came out to check on the old place after her uncle passed, and when he laid his eyes on Charlotte, it was game over.

The man was head over heels for her.

The only problem was, she was running from something dark, and she covered up her fear and abandonment issues with lots of snark and hatred.

But nothing scared Heeler away, and he was determined to make Charlotte his, no matter how long or how much work it took.

Love in Autumn Omnibus

All five books in the Love in Autumn Series in one omnibus!