Claus for Christmas 2023

All We Left Unspoken

Despite us having a five-year-old daughter together, Drew has no idea how much I'm in love with her.

There's not a thing in this world Drew can do to make me turn my back on her.

So, when she calls to tell me she needs a place to stay because she hasn't been able to find another job and she's being evicted from her apartment, I'm there to pick up all of her pieces and help her put herself back together again.

While I'm helping her get set up in a cabin on the ranch, a blizzard comes rolling through.

And we get trapped together.

Will this blizzard and our forced proximity to each other finally bring us together in the way I so desperately want, or will it be what rips us apart in the end?

Make You Feel My Love

Coming home to say goodbye to my mother, wasn't in my plans for the end of the year but here I was, back in Broken Creek. The stipulation of her will leave me dumbfounded and stuck here.
Thankfully being an author gives me the freedom to work from anywhere, but the writers block I've been suffering with is making my publishers nervous.
I didn't expect Dr. Jake Wilmington to show up in my kitchen. It had been years since I'd seen him, and all those old feelings bubbled up to the surface.
Jake's family was in line to buy my mother's land if I chose to leave, so his motives might be a little blurry.
Broken Creek is no Manhattan, but I am being pulled in both directions.
I don't know what to do.

No Insurance for a Miracle

When Pressman’s Christmas Tree Farm goes up in flames only weeks before Christmas, Stuart seeks help from his insurance agent. However, he wasn’t expecting her to be a female version of Scrooge.

Allison doesn’t like Christmas and could care less about the upset man in front of her, handsome or not. Fresh trees are wasteful, bad for the environment, and what kind of grownup makes his living in selling Christmas cheer?

Other than giving the minimum payout, she doesn't have any personal interest in the case. To be honest, she hates Christmas. It’s filled with nothing but bad memories.

Stuart is praying for a miracle. Allison just wants to put the whole season behind her. Then she discovers some of the reasons Stuart is so desperate to save his farm and make it a success.

Will Allison let herself get caught up in the magic of the season? Can a Christmas miracle really happen not just for him, but her too?

A Room at the Inn

Nine years ago, I was left standing at the altar for a groom who never showed up. Since then, I’ve buried myself in my career.
A work trip shortly before Christmas has me scrambling to get back to my hometown for the holiday, even though I know it’ll only be a miserable time.
Then a sudden snowstorm strands me in Poplar Grove.
There’s only one vacant hotel room in town…
…and the arrogant, handsome man who tried to trip me on the steps outside thinks he’s going to get it.
I don’t think so.

There was a time when I was the hottest ski jumper for Team USA.
(Okay, so it’s been a while, but age comes to us all.)
I was down on myself for a long time. Now I’m back, world.
I came to Poplar Grove to apply for the ski instructor position at the resort.
I just need a place to stay until the storm calms down.
That snippy business lady in her all-business high heels isn’t going to beat me to the last available room in town.
Even if she
is the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

The Santa Clause

I must have missed the "Santa Clause"…

When I won an all-inclusive vacation to a luxury mountain resort over the holidays after entering a sweepstakes on the back of my cereal box, I assumed it was Fate announcing it was finally Merri Bianchi’s time to relax and have a little fun. But you know what they say about assumptions....

As it turns out I neglected to read the fine print, aka the "Santa Clause," and now I’m dressed as an Elf working my red-and-white striped stockings off at Santa’s Toyshop to make sure every parent finds the perfect gift for their precious little snowflake in time for the big day.

Just when I think my life can’t get any worse, items begin going missing from the shop, and a girl gets fingered for stealing when an expensive tablet is found in her backpack. She and her dad, Kane Carpenter – who happens to be single and hotter than my morning cup of cocoa – both insist she’s not the thief. I don’t know why, but I believe them. My boss, however, doesn’t, and tells me that he’ll not only turn the girl in to the authorities if I don’t find the true culprit, but he’ll take away my bell-tipped shoes and send me packing for home.

Can Kane and I team up to nab the Grinch and recover the toys before we all find nothing but lumps of coal in our stockings come Christmas morning? And will the kindlings of love between Kane and I survive even after the season's mysteries are unwrapped?

Written in the Snow

In a world filled with more heartbreak then should be legal, Clara James held tight to two facts…

  1. Christmas is a season for miracles.
  2. Glenn Adams, the boy who stole her heart over twenty years ago, was the only man who she would ever love.

After unexpectedly losing her love, will a message written in the snow be the miracle Clara has been wishing and hoping for?

Christmas by the Mile

Mistletoe is the craziest little town I've ever lived in but I love it. Sure, the Carter sisters are a loveable pair of maniacs but they're harmless.
But their latest holiday idea is a disaster waiting to happen. A scavenger hunt all over the area with a man and a woman who are chosen from a hat!
I knew it was going to be a bad idea when Sarah grinned impishly at me. When she read Trace Lowell's name after mine my whole body went cold.
His emerald glare lit my anger on fire right after that!
I don't want to work with him either.

Portia Devon is my nemesis in the flesh. Mainly because I dream about her every night. Her pretty smile, her sparkling honey eyes and her fire-engine red hair. I can't seem to forget about her no matter how much she glares at me.
When I'm teamed up with her I can't decide if this is the best or the worst idea ever! Can we survive days alone without killing each other? I just don't know. But I darn sure wanna try.

If Tomorrow Never Comes

I had only been to my grandmother's inn a few times in my life. Family didn't seem important to my parents so trips to Montana didn't happen.
When Gran left the inn to me, she stipulated that I had to honor the bookings for a year. What I hadn't expected was the condition of the inn.
What did a girl from Southern California know about a ski resort in the mountains?

Watching a strange vehicle drive past the house was out of the ordinary. Nobody had been up the old inn road in two years. This was cause for concern.
I had been waiting for the inn to go up for sale. It backed my families property and I wanted it. I had been saving my money for years.
What I hadn't expected was the granddaughter of the former owner to be standing in the middle of the grand staircase when I went to see what was going on.
She was going to be a problem, in more ways than one this Christmas.


Bad news always comes in threes.

Who would think the mailman could ruin a perfect day? Certainly not chef Granger Braden, who’s about to start his dream career with the renowned La Patisserie Bakery in Paris. Until he opens one of his beloved Aunt Maggie’s signature pink envelopes and reads her simple note: “I’m happy for your success, but I need you to come home now.

The vision Granger had of his future crumbles at his feet. It can’t get worse, he thinks until he arrives home to find a stranger living in the apartment above Aunt Maggie’s bakery.

Carter Stone had a successful contractor business and life he shared with his lover and business partner. Then tragedy strikes when the world shuts down. The jobs, Carter’s partner, and his finances all disappear like a wisp of smoke.

Just as he’s coming up for air, tragedy strikes again and a fatal accident leaves Carter’s resentful nephew CJ in need of a guardian.

When they meet, Granger and Carter distrust each other immediately. Survival becomes the catalyst forcing them to grow close quickly and help each other rebuild their lives.

But tragedy strikes for the third time when CJ goes missing..

A Lost Claus

Opportunity knocks only once. But what if you don’t hear it?

The first time I saw Heather Mitchell, the woman of my dreams, she was in the arms of another man. Thankfully, it was her brother, the very guy my sister fell for. I know, complicated. I wasn’t deterred, though. Unfortunately, our time together didn’t go as I’d hoped and I left – she’d say ran. I thought I’d lost my chance until fate gave me another.

Fine, just the mere mention of Dante Kelly’s name makes me react, badly. However, I’m an adult and can behave as such. Especially since we’re now related by marriage and I never see him. A winter storm on my way, unknowingly, through his hometown decides that just won’t do and lands me at his door.

Neither of us are sure what to do when we’re snowed in together. Perhaps talking is a good start. Surprisingly, it works and earlier misunderstandings are discussed and rectified. Let the happily ever after begin or maybe not when she overhears something and jumps to conclusions the likes of which would impress Michael Jordan.