Claus for Christmas 2022

An Unexpected Christmas

A Friends to Lovers, Military Romance

Acer swore he'd never come back to the town he grew up in, but when he received a call from a family attorney to inform him of his mother's passing and a will reading, for some reason, he made the drive up there.

And ran right into Sparrow Clay, the girl he'd always loved but had never made a move on.

But now that he has something to offer besides constant hardships and separation due to the military, maybe he can finally get what he's always wanted in life: her.

He just hopes he isn't too late.

Kiss & Make Up

Headstrong Evie Engle has worked hard building her cosmetics company from the snow-covered ground up to become a top couture brand, but all this work has left time for little play. Now she's successful with a romance life that is seriously lacking.

Nicholas Sweity, an old acquaintance, turns out to be in the same boat.

Just as small towns have a way of getting involved when problems need to be solved, friends of two work to get them together and Evie suddenly finds herself set up on a date with the hot shot. Quickly realizing she’s head over heels for Nicholas before she can take a breath, reality sets in that he’s being set up with match after match by practically everyone in their small hometown.

Does Evie have the patience to contend with the others? Can she handle the pressure when her heart is on the line?

Snowed in at Christmas

Can this curvy, small-town sheriff's assistant melt the ice around the jaded deputy sheriff's heart?

Following a harrowing experience, I escape the big city for the deputy sheriff position in the small town of Crystal Peak, Wyoming. I've dedicated my life to fulfilling the oath I took as an officer of the law to protect and serve, and love is the last thing on my mind... until I meet Chrissy. She's my perfect woman, but I'm too old and too jaded for the beautiful sheriff's assistant with the radiant smile. Too bad my heart isn't listening to my head...

Hooper is ten kinds of gorgeous. He appeals to my heart on so many levels, but his hidden scars shackle him to his past. Besides, he'd never take a second look at a overweight woman like me with confidence issues. Christmas is around the corner and temperatures are plummeting, so when Hooper and I find ourselves snowed in at the station with only our body heat to keep us warm, will we realize that the greatest festive gift of all... is the gift of love?

Christmas at Broken Creek

Rebecca Hanson needed a change.
The life she had planned for herself never worked out. She had been left at the altar and decided being alone was better than being heartbroken.
Leaving her extremely quiet loft style apartment and life behind, she makes the journey to Broken Creek, Montana. After briefly corresponding with a man over the internet, she agreed to become his mail-order bride. Well, email order bride, she supposed.
Will life at Broken Creek awaken all the dreams she had when she was younger, of or has she left her quiet life for one of disappointment and loneliness?
Deacon Wilmington had spent his youth in love with one person. He had expected to spend the rest of his life with her. But a tragic accident one stormy night left him in a pit of despair.
At the urging of his family, he talks to a woman online, who agrees to become his wife.
Can this woman quiet his family’s concerns about him brooding in the mountains alone and agree to the terms set out?

What will happen when another stormy night hits the night before Christmas Eve? Could a Christmas miracle happen in Broken Creek?

His Christmas Angel

It's been eight years since Declan left his hometown, Porthleven, to join the Marines. Leaving everyone, he cares about, even those he didn't want to.
When his dad becomes ill and asks for one last Christmas with his family, Declan is forced to face what, or more importantly, whom he left behind.
He always believed that Becki had found her happily ever after, but when he finds out that's no longer the case, he’s determined to fight for what he's spent the last eight years hiding from. A future with the one who got away.
Can Becki forgive him for not even saying goodbye?
Declan’s got the Christmas holidays to prove to her that he's changed and will never stop fighting for her, his angel.

The Vine Claus

This Christmas, I was supposed to be married to the love of my life. We were supposed to spend our first Christmas together up in the Smokey Mountains on our honeymoon in a secluded cabin with lots of snow, no cell service, and a hot tub with the most gorgeous view.

Except my fiancé left me at the altar with a simple text message ending our two-year relationship and killing all my dreams for our future.

Needing to get away from my overbearing family, I left in hopes of mending my broken heart in the small town of Blue Peaks. Exploring the quaint town, I found myself in a wine bar where I was convinced to ditch my remote cabin in exchange for a two-week-long winery route at some of South Carolina’s top wineries.

With everything included, I couldn’t help but say yes and hope that a week of wine could make me forget all about my broken heart, especially when the handsome stranger sitting beside me signs up, too.

I had been the sole caretaker of my father since he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s five years ago. With his passing happening just a few days before Christmas, I couldn’t stand to be left alone in the house I grew up in without both my parents there to share in the holiday cheer.

So, I fled, seeking refuge in the town my parents met, hoping that
just maybe, I would be lucky enough to meet someone to dull the pain in my chest.

Sitting in the town’s one and only bar, I found myself next to the most gorgeous girl I’d ever seen, but she had sworn off men. The longer we talked, the more I couldn’t believe she’d been left at the altar. When the couple opposite us mentions a winery tour, she jumps at the idea, and I couldn’t help but follow her.

Maybe this Christmas, I wouldn’t be as alone as I thought.

A Christmas for Miracle

I've been living in the small town of Aspen Bluffs for two years, since I graduated from high school and finally left my horrible family conditions behind. With no help and no college, I've stayed mostly out of sight, working hard at the local school as a teacher's aide.
I love kids but I'm not ready when my estranged older sister and her husband pass away in a car accident and the attorney who tracks me down, brings my niece and nephew. My new family.

Their daughter, Miracle, has severe asthma attacks that scare the devil out of me. Until I meet Richard during an attack. The handsome older firefighter helps out in the grocery store when Miracle has an attack. He makes me feel safe and calm. Capable of dealing with an overwhelming, frightening new future.

When my new apartment burns to the ground, he offers us a place to stay. He makes himself indispensable but will he abandon me as my sister did a long time ago or will he step up to be just the man I need?

She's so young and lost. I'm too old for her and should leave her alone. But I find myself fascinated with the young mother. Watching for her blond head when I'm walking around town. Listening to gossip, trying to find out anything I can about her and her children. And the more I run into her, the more I can't stop thinking about her. I can't stop helping her whenever I can. Helping her cope with two grieving children she's never met, when she's barely more than a child herself. Helping her deal with Miracle's health issues, the fire that left them all homeless and the woman who turns up to try and get the child back that she gave up for adoption, Miracle's older brother, Gavin.

One obstacle after another tries to break her spirit but she rises up, fighting for her new little family. Can I prove to her that age doesn't matter...just love?

Author's Note: Guaranted HEA! This is a clean, sweet Christmas romance between two lonely hearts afraid to love.

The Friend Claus

I've been in love with my best friend for years, but...there's this friend clause I can't break.

Thou shalt not cross the lines of the Friend Zone.

I don't know what to do--until I pick her name in the Secret Santa drawing. Here's my opportunity! A plan forms before I know it. A plan that may have me crashing and burning. But before this season is over, I fully intend for her to know how I feel.

I'll be her
Santa Friend Claus, but I'll be the one getting the gift: the girl I love and I can't live without.

Claus and Effect

Ho ho ho? More like bah humbug. I’m not a fan of Christmas – I have reasons – and my sister knows this. She, however, doesn’t suffer the same affliction. It’s her favorite holiday and she always goes overboard. This year, though, her Santa is sick and she’s scrambling to find a replacement. When she can’t, she looks to me. Knowing I can’t deny her anything, I agree to put on the red suit and a cheerful smile with the mantra that it’s only for a few hours. Then I meet Mena Hartley, the Mrs. to my Mr., and what had initially felt like forever now doesn’t seem long enough.

It's the most wonderful time of the year! At least, in my opinion. And yes, the fact I get to participate in the annual celebration, namely playing the wife to the leader of the elves, is a huge part of that. Turner Mitchell, the man tasked with playing my husband? I'll consider him a bonus.